If you’re going on vacation (lucky you!), participating in your local weekend markets, or a multitude of other reasons, it’s sometimes helpful to be able to put your store on “pause”.

Vacation Mode allows you to do just that.

When your store is in Vacation Mode, your items are removed from your Zibbet marketplace store and from the "SHOP" page of your website. We've kept the products showing on your website's homepage so that it doesn't look completely blank and abandoned. Products are also removed from Zibbet’s marketplace search results. However, if someone has a direct link to one of your items, either from finding them on Google or social media etc, they’ll still be able to view your product. Don't worry though, no products will be able to be purchases whilst your store is in Vacation Mode.

Whilst in Vacation Mode, you’ll still be able to edit your products and manage all aspects of your shop.

How to put your store in Vacation Mode

  1. From your store's admin panel, go to “General”
  2. Click the “Vacation Mode” tab
  3. Select “ON”

Return to this page to switch Vacation Mode “OFF” when you are ready to come back. You may also choose to change your “welcome message” (edit this from "Customize Design" panel) to inform your customers of when you’ll return.

There are certainly some more advanced features we can add to this feature and we look forward to improving it over time. If you have any further questions about it, please contact us.

AND, if you are actually going on vacation — Enjoy!

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