When you make a sale on Zibbet, we'll notify you via email. That email has all the information you'll need about your customer, to pack and ship your order. However, you may wish to sign in to Zibbet for further order management capabilities.

All of your orders, both from your website and the Zibbet marketplace store, can be found on the "Orders" page in your store's admin panel.

You'll see an order card for each order, which looks like this:

There's a few things you can do on this order card. Click the "Actions" dropdown in the top-right corner and you'll be able to:

  1. Contact the buyer. You have their email address so you can just copy and paste this in your email client, or you can contact them through Zibbet. 
  2. Download receipt. You can download a receipt, which you can print out and send with the order. Or, you can just keep this for your own records.
  3. Mark the order as shipped. This helps to keep track of orders you've already packed and ready for shipping. Selecting this won't notify the seller that the item is on it's way. We encourage you to reach out to your buyer to let them know. Marking an item as shipped will also count the order on your "Stats" page. Once an order is marked as shipped, it will be moved to the "Completed" tab. 
  4. Cancel the transaction. If you need to cancel the order, you can do it by clicking this. More info, here.

You can also add a "Private note" on each order card that only you will see. You may need to make notes, such as "Offered this buyer a 30% coupon off their next purchase".

Lastly, if your buyer has purchases from you before, you'll see an "RB" over their profile picture, which stands for "Repeat Buyer". That way you'll be able to identify them quickly and perhaps add a little extra (small gift, special handwritten note, coupon code etc) to their order to thank them for their loyalty.

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