We currently don't have an easy way for you to change your store name.

If you've signed up and having store name regret, or simply made a typo, here's what you need to do to change your store name:

  1. Whilst sign in to your account, go to www.zibbet.com/sell. It's important that you stay signed in to your account as you'll want to keep the same account details (such as the same account email address).
  2. Register for your new store name. If you previously opted for a paid plan, register for the paid plan again. Don't worry, we'll organize all of the refunds for the store you don't want.
  3. Once you've setup your new store with the correct name, you'll want to close the store that's no longer needed. Here's how to do that.
  4. If you need any refunds processed for the paid plan store that you've just closed, just contact us to let us know and we'll get that sorted for you right away.

If you've already set up your store and listed a bunch of products in it, then your store name process is going to be a lot more painful. 😬

You'll need to follow the same steps above, plus you'll want to export your products using our export tool. Go to "General" then "Export Data". Then, click on "Download CSV" button for the products you have listed.

You'll then be able to import these products into your new store using the Etsy Importer

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