If your product comes in multiple variations, such as the fabric and color of a pillow, or the dimensions of a print, you should add "Variations" to your listing.

You can add up to 3 Variations per product listing, and have an unlimited amount of Options under each Variation. Your buyers must choose 1 Option from each Variation created. 

Tip: You can edit the name of one of your Options, by double-clicking it.

NOTE: the order that you enter your Variations and the Options under it, is the order it will appear on your listing.

Assigning a Price & Quantity Available

Once you have created your Variations and Options, a list of all the possible combinations of your Variations, based on the Options you've entered will appear below. We call this "Variants".

You have total control of the price and quantity available for each variant and you must assign it here. It's likely that you'll see some variants that aren't available for purchase. Perhaps it's currently out of stock, or maybe you weren't planning to offer that variant. That's ok. Simply keep the Quantity as "0" and your buyers will see that this is "Unavailable" if they select this variant. We recommend that you still assign a price to it, so that the buyer sees this when they select it, otherwise it'll say $0.00.

NOTE: Zibbet will automatically update the quantity available for your variants as they are sold. You can also edit your listing and adjust the quantity available at any time.

Also, worth noting: If you delete an Option or an entire Variation you'll need to assign a price / quantity again. We'll reset this to 0, since this will change the variant combinations. So, make sure that your Variations and Options are all correct before you start pricing and taking stock of your inventory.

Additional Info

  • By default, the lowest price variant will show first on your product page. We will also display the lowest price on your item preview cards (i.e. on the Zibbet marketplace search results, throughout your website etc).
  • The variant selected by your buyers will be clearly displayed on all order related information (email notifications, your Orders page, transaction receipts etc).
  • If your product has already been added to a buyers cart before you've added Variations to it, unfortunately they won't be asked to add options to it before checking out.
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