Store Sections categorize your store, helping your shoppers navigate it better.

There's 2 ways to setup your store sections.

1. Via the "Sections" management page

Setup your store sections by going to your admin panel, then click on "Sections".

You'll be prompted to create your sections in a modal window that will appear.

Click the "+ Add another section" link to create multiple sections.

Then, click the "Save" button.

TIP: Once you've created a few sections, you can edit their name, and rearrange the order they appear in your store, via the Sections page.

2. Via the "Add new item" page

You can create sections when listing your products. Just enter your section name in the input box and click the "Add new section" button.

Once you've created a section, you can also select the box to indicate that the product you're listing belongs in that section.

Add your products to more than one section

Your products can belong in more than one section! So, if it fits into a "T-shirts" section, but also a "SALE" section, then you can do that.

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