Every item within your store must be linked to a Shipping Profile. This profile can be thought of as a shipping rates card, that can simply be re-used for any similar items that have the same shipping rate. You can create as many shipping profiles as you want and when listing your items, you can just select the appropriate shipping profile from the drop down.

Setting up a Shipping Profile is easy:

  1. Go to your store's admin panel, and click on “Shipping Profiles” in the left hand navigation column. You can also create shipping profiles whilst listing an item.
  2. Click on “Create Shipping Profile” button. This will launch a modal window
  3. Give your shipping profile a name (don’t worry, you can change it later!)
  4. Choose where your item “ships from” (your country)
  5. Then, enter the rates for each country. 
  6. Click “Create Shipping Profile” button and your profile will be created.

What is "Everywhere else"?

“Everywhere else” is the shipping rate for every other country that you don’t specify. Leave this blank if you don’t want to ship “everywhere else”.

What is "Individual item" vs "Multiple items" shipping rates?

“Individual item” is the shipping cost if the buyer only purchases 1 item from your store. “Multiple items” is the shipping cost if the buyer buys more than one item from your store. Generally, your Multiple item shipping rate is lower than your Individual item shipping rate. This is to incentive your shoppers to add more to their order.

For example:

Your shopper adds 3 of your products to their shopping cart:

  • Item 1 is $6 individually and $3 with multiple items
  • Item 2 is $4 individually and $2 with multiple items
  • Item 3 is $10 individually and $5 with multiple items

This is how we calculate the final shipping price:

We take the item with the highest individual shipping price out of all the items, then all the ‘multiple items’ prices are added onto it. In the case of two items with the same highest ‘individual shipping price’ the system will then choose the item with the higher ‘multiple items’ shipping price. If both are exactly the same, one or the other will be chosen arbitrarily as the primary shipping rate.

In the scenario above, where the shopper has added 3 products to their shopping cart, the total shipping price would be: $10 (highest individual shipping price) + $3 + $2 = $15.00

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