Firstly, welcome! 👋 We're so glad you've joined Zibbet and are excited about helping you to build your brand and reach more customers.

We've already covered "What is Zibbet?", so this help guide is all about where to get started as a brand new seller on Zibbet.


When you first sign up, the first place you'll land is your store's admin panel. This is where you'll manage all aspects of your store:

It's a blank slate and looks pretty daunting, so lets walk you through a few of the main things needing to be done to get you started:

1. List your first few products

You should start by listing a few products. Once done, you'll be able to see your store starting to take shape! You'll also setup a few key things regarding your store in the process.

To get started, you can either import from Etsy, or just start listing manually, which is the fastest way to get your first item listed.

To start listing, click "Add New Item" from the left-hand nav, or click that green "List your first item" button on the Item Management page.

You'll be prompted to choose your store's currency before proceeding to list your first item.

Follow the prompts. Most of them are self explanatory, like giving your product a name and description, pricing, quantity etc.

Some of the things you may need help with are (click-through for individual help guides on each):

NOTE: adding "styles" and "materials" are optional. 

Once you've filled everything in, click the "Preview item listing" button. You'll be taken to a preview page of how your product looks in the Zibbet Marketplace. If all looks correct, then click the "Publish" button.

NOTE: the price will be missing from the preview, but will appear once you've published it.

ALSO NOTE: To see what your product looks like on your website, you'll first need to publish it, then go to your website to view it. You can see your website by going to or, click the "Your Stores" dropdown in the main navigation and click the "View website" link under your store name. We will be improving the way this works, but for now, this is how you see it on your website and your marketplace store.

List a few more products. Aim for at least 5 products listed before you continue.

2. Customize the look and feel of your website / Zibbet marketplace store

Now that you have some products listed, it's time to customize your store and make it your own. To get started with this, click on the "Customize Design" link from your admin panel. 

We've put together a good overview of how to get started with customizing your store. Follow the steps in that guide and you'll be up and running in no time.


After you've completed those 2 main steps, you will have:

  • Listed your first items
  • Set up your shipping profiles
  • Set up your store sections
  • Customized the look and feel of your website and Zibbet marketplace store

There's plenty of other things you can now explore on your own. If you get stuck along the way, check out out help guides, as there's a lot of handy info in them. As always, if we can help you with anything further, simply contact us. We love hearing from you!

Good luck and have fun. Work hard and stay patient. You got this! 🖐

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