For those that sell on Etsy, we have an Etsy Importer.

However, if you don't sell on Etsy, you can still import your products into Zibbet by filling out our CSV file template.


  1. Download and make a copy of the CSV file
  2. Included in the file are instructions on what to put in each column
  3. It's important that you leave row 1 titles in tact. Don't remove them and don't change the name of each column title
  4. Once filled in, go to General (bottom-left) in your admin panel, then click on the Etsy Importer tab. You will import your CSV file via this page. 

We recommend filling in only 2-3 rows first, then trying to import them. This will be a good test for you to ensure it's working correctly. It wouldn't be any fun if you spent a lot of time filling it out only to find that it isn't working as you expected!

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