The Our Story page is an important one. It's an opportunity to build a connection with your shopper by showcasing the person behind the brand, the ethos of your store, the creative process that goes into crafting the perfect product.

It's also another opportunity for Google to pick up the content on your Our Story page, which can help your search engine ranking and eventually drive some extra organic traffic to your store.

Creating your Our Story page

  1. Click the "Customize Design" link under Stitch secondary navigation panel in your Zibbet admin

  2. Click on the profile picture icon (4th icon across from the top-left)

  3. This whole tab is dedicated to the Our Story page, so scroll down the left-hand panel and add all of the information in there

We encourage you to add all of the images, and just like the banner, it needs to follow the size requirements mentioned. 

Add images of yourself, your workspace, the creative process, a showcase of your products all together or in context with some props.

You'll see all of the information live updating on the right-hand side. Don't worry, your changes won't go "live" to your customers on your actual website until you click "Save".

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