Your Store Title and Welcome Message are two important elements of your Stitch website. They are sent to Google and part of what they'll use to rank your website in their search engine. Therefore, you should target keywords in your Store Title and Welcome Message that you'll want to rank for if one of your customers types it into Google.

Adding a Store Title and Welcome Message

  1. Click the "Customize Design" link under Stitch secondary navigation panel in your Zibbet admin

  2. Click on the Information icon (3rd icon across from the top-left)

  3. You'll see input boxes with the "Tagline / Store title" and "Welcome message" headings above it, where you can type your content into

  4. You'll see it live update on the right as you type

  5. Save your changes once complete

Underneath the welcome message you'll see a "Show preview" link, which will show you what your website will look like within Google's search engine results pages. This will give you a sense of how much information will fit, even though we allow you more characters that Google will show.


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