You can have a banner at the top of some of the website themes (Perry and Ruby).

To upload a banner:

  1. Click the "Customize Design" link under Stitch secondary navigation panel in your Zibbet admin

  2. Click on the Information icon (3rd icon across from the top-left)

  3. At the top-left, you'll see a button to Upload Banner

  4. Click it and select your image from your computer

  5. You'll see a live preview on the right-hand side if you're using the Perry or Ruby website theme

Size requirements

Your banner must be 1048 x 200 pixels. If it is a different size, we will do our best to fit it in, but it'll likely look pixelated or stretched if it's not this size. You can use a larger size, as long as you maintain the aspect ratio. For example, you could also upload an image that's 2096 x 400 pixels, since both width and height are doubled in size.

Where can you get a banner?

If a banner sounds nice to you, but you're not sure where to start, you should use a free design tool like Canva. You can even enter the custom dimensions there (1048 x 200). They have a number of layouts you can choose from, but even if you upload an image you already have and overlay some nice text on it, that can look really nice as a store banner.

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