Once in the Stitch customization panel, click on the "Settings" icon in top-left of screen (pictured below). 

There's 3 main things you can customize on your website to make it yours:

1. Theme color

Changing the theme color will change all of the accent colors on your website. Things like, title, links and buttons are all part of the accent color.

Simply click the color tile and you'll be able to choose a color that matches your brand by dragging around your mouse on the color wheel. You'll see the changes updating live on the right side.

2. Background

You can choose a background color OR we have a number of background patterns to choose from too.

Click the color or pattern tiles to see a live preview on the right. If you want to choose a color that's not shown, simply click the "dropper" icon and a similar color wheel to what's shown above will appear where you can choose any color you wish.

NOTE: If you can't see the background updating as you make changes, you are likely on a smaller screen, like a laptop. That's ok, simply hover over the right side, and you'll see an arrow in the top-left of the screen. Click this and it'll show the preview full screen. You can toggle it back to view the left panel again.

We've added a "Made with Stitch" badge to the bottom of your website pages, but you can easily remove this by simply selecting "Disabled" from this dropdown. 

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