Please note: Vacation Mode is shared across the Zibbet Marketplace, A.C. Moore Marketplace and Stitch (if you have these sales channels turned on). 


If you’re going on vacation (lucky you!), or a multitude of other reasons, it’s sometimes helpful to be able to put your shop on “pause”.

Vacation Mode allows you to do just that.

When your shop is in Vacation Mode, your products are removed from your Zibbet Marketplace shopfront, and are also removed from the Zibbet Marketplace search results. However, if someone has a direct link to one of your products, either from finding them on Google or social media etc, they’ll still be able to view your product. Don't worry though, no products will be able to be purchased whilst your shop is in Vacation Mode.

Whilst in Vacation Mode, you’ll still be able to edit your products and manage all aspects of your shop.

How to put your shop in Vacation Mode

In your Zibbet Admin, click the Zibbet Marketplace icon on the left-hand navigation. A secondary navigation panel will appear.

Click on "Settings". Then, click on the "Vacation Mode" tab.

Simply select the "On" option to turn Vacation Mode on.

Return to this page to switch Vacation Mode “Off” when you are ready to make your products available for purchase again.

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