We have 4 main categories on the Zibbet Marketplace.

They are: 

  • Handmade

  • Fine Art

  • Vintage

  • and, Craft Supplies.

Handmade and Fine Art

Products in the Handmade and Fine Art categories must be handmade by the individual/s running the Zibbet Marketplace store. ‘Hand-assembled’ and ‘Hand-altered’ items are also acceptable.

It's important to note that mass produced products are not allowed on the Zibbet Marketplace in the Handmade and Fine Art categories, even if they are ‘handmade’.


The Vintage category is strictly for items that are 20 years old and over. 

Craft Supplies

Products in the Craft Supplies category don’t have to be ‘handmade’ by you. This category is for items that may be used to make the other items you find on the Zibbet Marketplace. Packaging and shipping supplies may also be sold in this section.

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