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How to create a shipping label

You can print shipping labels directly from the Order details page: 

Or, you can print shipping labels for multiple orders at the same time, from the main Orders page:

A step-by-step guide to creating your first shipping label

Firstly, you'll need to create a Shippo account

You'll then need to fill out a "dispatch address". This is where you'll be sending from, and will be used to calculate the shipping rates.

Once you've filled that out, you'll see the main form to fill out:

Fill in the "package details", such as the weight, and dimensions.

You'll then be presented with a dropdown to "select a carrier", where you can see a list of the delivery options and rates:

Once you have selected a rate, click the "Review your purchase" button.

Review your purchase and then click "Confirm purchase".

On this last screen, you can print your shipping labels.

The shipping label looks like this:

What's next?

By default, you will need to take this shipping label into your nearest post office for drop off.

However, if you would like to schedule a pick-up, this is possible if you're shipping with either USPS or DHL Express.

To schedule a pick-up, you'll need to sign into your Shippo account. You'll then see an option to "Schedule Pickup".

Monitoring your shipment

Your shipment status can be monitored via the Order details page.

We recommend that you send the tracking number to your customer, so they can do the same.

If you need to re-print the shipping label, you can do so from the "More actions" dropdown in the top right-hand corner:

Available shipping carriers

Here's a list of available shipping carriers that are available by default, based on your location:

You also have the ability to connect other shipping carriers. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Carriers Page in Shippo by clicking on Settings and then Carriers in the left navigation panel. 

  2. Click on the "+ Connect Carrier Account" button at the top-right of the page.

  3. Click on the carrier you wish to connect

4. Enter the required information and click Submit

5. Your carrier will then be listed under the My Carrier Accounts tab

6. For UPS, please select the "Get special UPS discounts" button in brown at the top. This will allow you to sign up for a UPS account and access discounted rates.

7. To deactivate any active carriers, simply toggle the active switch to inactivate the carrier.

For more information on connecting specific carrier accounts, please check out this Shippo help guide: Additional information on connecting specific carrier accounts.

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