Zibbet supports calculated shipping profiles for Etsy, however Etsy does not provide us with a meaningful name for them.

But, that's okay! We have built a solution for this, but it will require you to fix it manually following the instructions below.

The below will help you to:

  1. Identify your Etsy calculated shipping profiles 

  2. Provide them with a meaningful name

A prerequisite is that you already have Etsy connected as a sales channel.


In your Zibbet Admin, click the Etsy icon on the left-hand navigation. A secondary navigation panel will appear.

Click on "Shipping profiles".

On this page, you can see all of your Etsy Shipping Profiles. If you create a new shipping profile on Etsy, it will be imported into Zibbet and appear in the list.

When an Etsy shipping profile is “Fixed” pricing, Etsy will automatically provide us with the name you gave it. 

Unfortunately, when an Etsy shipping profile is “Calculated” pricing, Etsy will not give us it's name — only a series of numbers. Below is an example of a Fixed and Calculated shipping profile from Etsy.

What we want to do is provide a meaningful name for Etsy Calculated shipping profiles.

Click the “Edit” link for a calculated shipping profile and an inline field will appear to update the name.

At this point we need to know what the shipping profile should be called as Etsy only provides us with an id (a long number). We can identify the products linked to this shipping profile by clicking the number under “Linked products”. 

This will open Etsy Shop Manager showing all the listings linked to this Calculated Shipping Profile. On the right side you can see the shipping profile filter with the name you gave this Calculated Shipping Profile.

Go back to the Zibbet Admin and populate the name of the calculated shipping profile and click the Save button.

You’re all done! 👏

If you have multiple Calculated Shipping profiles you will want to do this for all profiles.


I have created a calculated shipping profile on Etsy but it’s not coming up in the list?

Each new calculated shipping profile on Etsy must be linked to at least 1 product or else Etsy will not give us access to this shipping profile. Go to Etsy.com and link the new calculated shipping profile to at least one product and we will import it to the Zibbet Admin automatically.

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