By default, when you connect your Etsy shop to Zibbet, certain product attribute changes made on Etsy (i.e. you actually make the change to your product on Etsy and not Zibbet) are not synced into the Zibbet Admin.

Affected attributes include:

  • Product type (i.e. physical or digital)

  • Photos

  • Item name

  • Description

  • SKU

  • Price

  • Quantity

  • Variations (if you have them)

  • Tags

  • Materials

If any of these attributes are changed on your product natively in your Etsy admin (instead of via Zibbet), then Zibbet will detect that and your product will become "out of sync" by default.

You can read more about the “Out of sync” flag, here:

We have built the ability for you to override this default behavior if you prefer, making Etsy the source of truth for product attributes. Choosing this option will make any product changes made directly on Etsy sync into your Zibbet Admin and other sales channels automatically.


Once enabled, making changes on Etsy will sync to your other sales channels automatically. For example, you updated the price of your product, directly on your Etsy admin. Zibbet will recognize this change and automatically update the price across all channels connected to this product (Zibbet Marketplace, Stitch etc).

A prerequisite of the below instructions is that you have already connected Etsy as a sales channel.

You can enable Etsy sync changes by clicking on the "Settings" cog icon towards the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel.

You'll arrive on your Settings page, where you will need to click the toggle button under “Make changes on Etsy”.

That’s it, you’re done!

Now if you make changes on Etsy, these changes will automatically sync to your other sales channels automatically.

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