You'll know if your Etsy products become "out of sync", because a red badge will appear on top of your product on the Products page.

How does this happen?

There are certain product attributes that must match across all of your Zibbet connected sales channels.

These are:

  • Product type (i.e. physical or digital)

  • Photos

  • Item name

  • Description

  • SKU

  • Price

  • Quantity

  • Variations (if you have them)

  • Tags

  • Materials

If any of these attributes are changed on your product natively in your Etsy admin (instead of via Zibbet), then Zibbet will detect that and your product will become "out of sync".

Please note that if you want to, you are able to change the following unique attributes to the Etsy Marketplace and these will automatically update on Zibbet, such as:

  • Shop sections

  • Categories and any other category related data, such as occasion, height, etc)

  • Shipping profiles

  • Featured (or not)

  • Automatic renewal (or not)

  • Who made it / What is it / When was it made attribute

How can I stop this from happening?

You should make product changes only in Zibbet from now on. The benefit of Zibbet is that you make the change once, and it is updated across every connected sales channel at the same time.

How can I get my products back "in sync"?

To get your products back "in sync", you can hover over the red "out of sync" button, and you'll notice it says "Push to Etsy". 

Click it, and the attributes that are currently on Zibbet will be pushed to your Etsy product.

IMPORTANT: Now, it's important to note, that as Zibbet is the "source of truth", it'll put the changes you made on Etsy back the way they were.

You should copy and paste your changes from Etsy over to Zibbet, and then save the changes instead of "pushing" them over to Etsy by clicking that button, if you want those Etsy changes to appear on all of your sales channels.

In the future...

We have plans to make it so that all of your product attributes can be unique across all of your sales channels, but for now, you should make all changes via Zibbet to prevent your products from becoming "out of sync".

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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