When you connect Etsy as a sales channel to Zibbet, your products will begin importing immediately.

If your products are "physical" products, they'll appear on your main Products page. If you already have products listed on Zibbet, they may need to go through the matching process first before you can publish them.

Digital products have an extra step involved.

With digital products, we can import every attribute except your digital file. Etsy currently doesn't allow us to import your file for you, due to security reasons, since this is actually your sellable product that has value.

So, instead, you'll find a list of your digital products via the Notifications page (click the bell icon in the left-hand navigation). 

Click on the "Upload file" button, and you'll be taken over to your listing where you can upload the digital product.

Click save, and your product will be imported and appear on your Products page.

If you have a lot of digital products, you'll want to click "Archive" on the product you've actioned so that you don't get confused. This will then move it to an archived folder, which you can still access later.

We understand this is a tedious process, especially if you have many digital products. However, take your time, and rest assured that you'll never have to do this again, as from now on Zibbet will enable you to list these digital products, with ease, on all of our sales channels, which is growing in number over time!

If you need an extended free trial whilst you get yourself setup, just contact us and we'll be happy to do so.  

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