When you make a sale on Etsy, the order details are pulled into the Zibbet platform allowing you to manage and fulfill your orders from all connected sales channels in one place.

For a general help guide on how order management works on Zibbet, please refer to this help guide.

Your Etsy order on Zibbet will contain all of the same information as you would see on Etsy. For example, if the order was "marked as a gift", this would also be denoted on the Etsy order page on Zibbet.

Some things to note about Etsy orders:

  • If you contact a buyer from the Orders page, it won't appear on your Etsy "conversations". It will send the buyer an email and they'll reply directly to your email, where you can continue to communicate.

  • To cancel an Etsy order you must do so on Etsy (we've made this easy by having a "cancel" link, which will send you over to the order on Etsy)

  • When an order is canceled on Etsy, it will take up to 48 hours to update the status to "canceled" on Zibbet. This is due to the order moving into a "pending cancelation" status on Etsy. 

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