On the left-hand navigation, you'll see a + sign in a dotted box. Click that and you'll be taken to the Sales Channels page.

This is where you can select a sales channel to sell on.

To sell on the Etsy sales channel, click the "Connect to Etsy" button.

You'll be presented with a modal, which prompts you to connect your Etsy shop. if you don't yet have an Etsy shop, you will need to create one first, here.

You'll be taken to Etsy, where you'll be required to allow Zibbet access to your Etsy account, which allows us to keep your inventory and orders in sync.

Once you've done that, all of your products will begin to import into the Zibbet platform.

Depending on how many products you have listed, it could take a few minutes to import all of your products. You'll receive a notification once the import is complete.

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