Please note: Coupons are shared across Stitch, the Zibbet Marketplace and the A.C. Moore Marketplace (if you have these sales channels turned on). 


Coupon codes are a great way to drive up sales. 

You can create the following coupon codes to give a customer:

  • Free shipping

  • A percentage off their purchase

  • A fixed price discount (E.g. $10 off)

Note: Coupons created will also work on your Zibbet Marketplace shop and A.C. Moore Marketplace shop, if you are using these sales channels.

Creating your coupon code

In your Zibbet Admin, click the Stitch icon on the left-hand navigation. A secondary navigation panel will appear.

Click on "Coupons".

Click the green "Create a coupon" button.

You'll be presented with a modal, where you can fill in the details of your coupon.

Creating your coupon:

  • Choose a coupon code that includes letters and/or numbers. It can't have spaces in it and must be between 5-20 characters long. For example: 30PERCENT

  • Select a discount type. You can choose from: free shipping (you'll be able to specify if free shipping is to be limited to Domestic shipping or not), percentage off, or fixed discount.

  • It's optional, but you can also specify a minimum purchase value before the coupon can be used. For example, if the minimum purchase is $50, then the customer must purchase at least $50 (not incl. shipping) worth of your products before they are able to use your coupon code.

  • Uncheck the "active" box if you don't want the coupon to be able to be used just yet. You can "edit" the coupon at any time to change this status.

  • Lastly, click the "Create Coupon" button and you're done.

Spread the word

Once you've got it setup, make sure you spread the word to your customers! You can share it on social media, create graphics and add it to your store banner, add it to your product descriptions etc. For example: "Get free shipping on orders over $50! Just enter SHIPSFREE at checkout".

Measure and learn

The great thing about coupon codes is that you can track the results of your marketing efforts. Create a new coupon code for each new campaign and you'll be able to get insights into what's working and what's not. When a customer makes a purchase, we'll let you know what coupon code they've used and you can see a history of this via your Orders page.

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