In your Zibbet Admin, click the Zibbet Marketplace icon on the left-hand navigation. A secondary navigation panel will appear.

Click on "Customize shop".

On this page, you'll see a number of customization options, which will allow you to tailor the look and feel of your store to your brand.

Upload a banner

Your banner is a great opportunity to establish your brand and the look and feel of your store. It must be 1048 x 200 pixels. If it is a different size, we will do our best to fit it in, but it'll likely look pixelated or stretched if it's not this size. You can use a larger size, as long as you maintain the aspect ratio. For example, you could also upload an image that's 2096 x 400 pixels, since both width and height are doubled in size.

Add a store title and welcome message

Your store title and welcome message are two important elements of your Zibbet Marketplace shop. They are sent to Google and part of what they'll use to rank your website in their search engine. Therefore, you should target keywords that you'll want to rank for if one of your customers types it into Google.

Add your store policies to your FAQ & Contact page

It's important for your store to have clear policies surrounding things like:

  • How long it will take for your customer to receive their order?

  • Can they return the product if they're unsatisfied with their purchase?

  • Can they get a refund, or an exchange?

We've given you plenty of space to answer these questions under the following headings:

  • Welcome

  • Shipping information

  • Refunds, returns and exchanges

  • Additional information

Add information and photos to your Meet the Seller page

The Meet the Seller page is an important one. It's an opportunity to build a connection with your shopper by showcasing the person behind the brand, the ethos of your store, the creative process that goes into crafting the perfect product.

It's also another opportunity for Google to pick up the content on your Meet the Seller page, which can help your search engine ranking and eventually drive some extra organic traffic to your store.

We encourage you to add all of the images, and just like the banner, it needs to follow the size requirements mentioned. 

You can add images of yourself, your workspace, the creative process, a showcase of your products all together or in context with some props. 

You can add links to your social profiles and other places your customers can connect with you online. It will be displayed on the Meet the Seller page.

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