The look and feel of your Zibbet Website and Zibbet Marketplace store can be made completely unique. This article will give you a quick overview of where you can update the design for each of these channels...

Zibbet Website Design

Click on Website Design from your Zibbet admin panel and you'll be taken to a customization panel (as pictured below), where you can add all the visual elements of your website, apart from products. Click-through below for detailed help guides:

As you make changes in the left panel, you'll see it updating on the right side immediately, so you can see exactly how your website is going to look. 

Once you're finished, you can click "Save" at the bottom-left of your screen, which will make your updates live. 

You can also preview how it all looks on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Once you've filled everything out, you may choose to copy over the elements to your Zibbet Marketplace store as it repeats a lot of the same details. To do that, simply click the "Save" button, then click over to the "Settings" tab. You'll see a button under the "Badge" section, which when clicked will copy everything over to your marketplace store.

Zibbet Marketplace Design

Click on Marketplace Design from your Zibbet admin panel, and you'll be taken to a page where you can add unique content to your Zibbet Marketplace store.

As mentioned above, the same elements, such as your store banner, welcome message, store policies etc are all repeated here, so you may choose to copy over those details from the Zibbet Website Design (which, is outlined above) – however, you can have unique elements if you wish.

If you make changes here that you want to appear on your Zibbet Website too, then you can click that green button that says "Copy all details to your website store". But, keep in mind, this will copy everything over, and override any data on the Zibbet Website.

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