Your Zibbet website and your Zibbet marketplace store are built from the one place – the Customize Design page within your admin panel.

Watch the quick tour video above for a quick overview. ☝️

The Customize Design page is where you'll add all the visual elements of your store, apart from products. So you'll be able to (click-through for detailed help guides):

As you make changes in the left panel, you'll see it updating on the right side immediately, so you can see exactly how your website is going to look. 

Once you're finished, you can click "Save" at the bottom-left of your screen, which will make your updates live. You'll also then be able to click-through and see how it looks on your Zibbet marketplace store. We use the same images and text from your website to create your Zibbet marketplace store. We structure the data differently though, so that Google won't see this as duplicate content (for all you savvy SEO gurus out there!).

You can also preview how it all looks on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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